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Shamanic Practice

Holistic Spirituality

"The Shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history that unties the doctor, the scientist and the artist, into a single notion of care-giving and creativity".

Terence McKenna

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Shamanic practice reaches back to the dawn of time.

It is the oldest spiritual path on Earth, thought to be one hundred thousand years old.

A practice routed in love, compassion, community, and honouring life in all it’s beautiful and varied forms.

The name Shaman takes it’s origins from the word ‘Saman” which translates to “one who sees’. The term Shaman hails from the Tungus tribe in Siberia.

The One Who Sees


A spiritual tradition, a way of life, observing and respecting Mother Earth and all that there is, in both the ordinary and non- ordinary realms, the path of direct revelation.

This ancient and sacred practice is cross cultural.


There is evidence that it was and still is, practiced on every continent. 

Shamanism has different names in each tradition; a healer, walker between worlds, medicine woman/man, psycho-pomp, seer, however, the practices are remarkably similar, as are many of the archetypes.


It is considered to be a spiritual practice, that said,  there is no dogma, no formalised set of beliefs, rules or books to follow, there is no hierarchical structure. A spiritual practice of the ‘indigenous tribes’ the hunter gathers. Ultimately we are all indigenous, we are all part of the collective, the human tribe - we are the same, we are one.

Who Is a Shaman?

The role of a Shaman is to be of service, for the highest good of themselves, their clients and the wider community.

A Shaman is an individual, male or female, who offers a  bridge between the spirit worlds and the physical plane, accessing information and/or healing for their client or community. They are the weavers of ceremony and ritual. By entering into an altered consciousness, (journey), often using a drum, dancing, singing, rattle, whistling, or chanting, that shifts their theta brain waves, enabling them to enter an trance like state. A Shaman is the hollow bone, whom spirit works through.


What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a powerful modality.

It can bring about rapid shifts and meaningful long term  transformation. Helping you release emotional imprints, stagnant energies and patterns, that no longer serve you, clearing and balancing you of negative energy that can grind you down. Bringing your mind body and spirit into balance, helping you bring greater meaning to your life, so you may walk the true path of your soul, stepping into a joyous new way of being.



Shamanic healing is beneficial for a myriad of problems that can affect us all, such as:


Addiction, drug, alcohol dependency

Eliminating, letting go of unhealthy, toxic relationships and attachments that drain your energies

Ancestral healing, generational patterns and familial wounds

Releasing emotional imprints, anxiety, child abuse, depression, abandonment, trauma, loss, emotional and physical abuse, self sabotaging dialogue, grief, self harm etc.

It is important to remember that Shamanic healing delves deep. Ultimately your healing will depend on you being completely open, a willingness to change your inner landscape can bring about exquisite life altering and affirming changes.


Shamanic Healing Session

Each session is entirely unique to you and your requirements, you will be treated with deep respect, honour and integrity. All treatments are strictly confidential.


Duration:     120 mins


Investment:  £90



Block bookings


3x 120 min sessions  £255


6x 120 min sessions  £510

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Client Love

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Bella, Scotland

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Bella Leeson

Rhonda worked with me on a past life regression shamanic practice.
It is such a difficult task to put this into words. Simply put this was a life changing  experience! Wow did I benefit from this understanding of who I am and what makes me who I am. Ancestral links to the past and glimpses of the future. This shamanic journey was enlightenment. I experienced a native American spirit guide chanting to me and being transported in a long narrow boat down a  river. I was peaceful, viewing this from above as if in spirit form.
Rhonda works so hard for others to be truly there to support other and connect them to past lives, spirit guides and harness the ability to connect with your true self.
I feel Rhonda's unique wisdom and spiritual connection makes her an invaluable healer. She is the purest light giving soul .

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