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Nutritional Alchemy

Holistic Nutrition

"Let food by thy medicine,


let medicine be thy food."

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This quote absolutely encapsulates how I view food. 

When you get the alchemy of nutrition right you will feel, incredible, have boundless energy and your skin will be glowing.

 This famous quote is attributed to Hippocrates, who considered nutrition as one of the most important tools a doctor could use. Diet plays a major role in his original oath, sadly in modern day translations the importance of diet is often overlooked, or ignored.


Get The Glow

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Our western diet more often than not, has a low plant ratio, high sugar content, highly processed ready meals, take away’s and convenience foods, which are packed with additives.

Our gut is our second brain, some would argue it is more important than our mind.

There is a direct correlation between our minds and our guts.


Think now of your favourite food…. imagine the smell, the taste, imagine that first delicious mouthful. Our saliva glands begin to activate releasing the stomach’s digestive juices, just with the mere thought of eating.

Similarly, an unhealthy gut will also send negative signals to your mind, which are often caused by stress, anxiety, illness, I.B.S, depression and obesity. When we consider that 95% of the body’s serotonin (the happy chemicals), are found in the bowels, in a nutshell an unbalanced gut will have a direct effect on our emotional wellbeing. Studies have shown that people with digestive-based problems such as IBS are significantly more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and mood disorders

Nurture Your Body

The wonderful news is we can address this so easily. Simply by mindfully tapping into our wise self, we become more attuned to our bodies unique requirements. Quite literally then, our food becomes not just fuel, but medicine. You wouldn’t dream of ingesting toxic substances, so why ingest toxic foods?


Learn to nurture your body and especially your digestive system, by eating a colourful delicious array of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, pulses, seeds, grains, oily fish packed with omega 3 and lean grass fed meats. By adding yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut you will replace good bacteria in the gut.

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Incredible Healing Power

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I adore cooking food from all over the world but my absolute go to cuisine is Mediterranean.

Living in Cyprus, I witnessed the incredible health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Such an easy delicious way to eat. Colourful meals, cooked from scratch, packed with nutritious fresh produce, often placing pulses as the main event, over meat. It’s a diet rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory molecules. The food is so easy and quick to prepare, paramount for the modern-day life.

We can harness the incredible healing power of food provided by Mother Earth, to soothe our digestive system, heal our bodies, reduce inflammation, nurture ourselves and support our mental wellbeing.

By creating lifelong habits of healthy eating, exercise, meditation, sleep patterns and daily walks in nature.

You have the power within, to unburden your body and nurture your mind. Choose to live a life full of vitality truly embodying and honouring your Goddess within.

Click below for one of my FREE delicious but nutritious recipes.

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