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Cacao Ceremony

Holistic Spirituality

 Sister... let Mama Cacao wrap you in her warm embrace.

As she lovingly whispers in your ear and dances with your soul.

She weaves her magikal medicine softening your heart, your womb.

Your wild woman begins to smoulder..."

Rhonda Spence

Mama Cacao Beckons You...

It is widely believed that the Olmecs of southern Mexico were considered the first to ferment, roast and grind cacao beans. Pots and vessels uncovered from this ancient civilisation show traces of theobromine. Theobroma cacao is the official name for the cacao tree. A member of the Malvacaneae family, she is small and evergreen.


I say she because, Mama Cacao has a definite feminine energy. Her beans are used to make a liquor, cacao solids, cacao butter and chocolate.  Originally domesticated in South America some 5000 years ago, cacao trees can now be found in equatorial regions around the world. 


Cacao was an important aspect of Mesoamerican civilisation's, customs and beliefs. The Mayans and the Aztecs revered the properties of cacao so much, that they used it for ritualistic purposes. The Aztecs gave their warriors cacao after battle and cacao was used as currency, considering the beans more valuable than gold. They considered cacao “the food of the gods”.

Health Benefits

Its official, cacao is a superfood, well it is in my books.

The health benefits of cacao are incredible, packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, phytochemicals and a plethora of other health boosting elements. Making Mama Cacao a true superfood hero, as beneficial to the body as she is, the mind.  Cacao has more antioxidants than blueberries.... forty times more! Antioxidants prohibits and, in some cases, prevent the oxidation of molecules in our bodies. They remove potentially harmful oxidising agents thus providing our beautiful bodies with a myriad of benefits: such as glowing healthy skin, by mopping up all the waste from our cells, before they can cause damage. In short, they can help increase cellular life, which in turn may prevent premature ageing.

Cacao is a wonderful source of magnesium. Raw cacao is packed with magnesium, essential for energy production, brain and our nervous system. It also supports healthy blood pressure, teeth, strong bones and muscles. On a functional level, magnesium helps turn glucose into energy.

Cacao is the highest source of plant-based iron. I was vegan for twenty-one years and struggled to maintain healthy iron levels. I wish I'd known about cacao then. Cacao has 7.3 mg of iron per 100 gms. Beef and lamb have 2.5 mg per 100 gms. The iron source of cacao is non heme, it is considered beneficial to consume it alongside vitamin c.

Cacao is also an incredible source of calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth, among many other things. Cacao in fact has more calcium than cow's milk, an impressive 160 mgs per 100 ml, compared to cow's milk, which has 125 gms per 100 ml.

Packed with flavonoids, which are the nutrients that have been found to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain, heart and assist in preventing blood clots. The flavonoids found in cacao may help increase insulin sensitivity, reducing the risk of diabetes. The flavonoids found in cacao can help reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. Reduced inflammation may reduce the risk of some cancers, diabetes, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer's disease.

Cacao is also rich in potassium, which has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease by reducing lower body inflammation and stress on the cells. Finally, cacao is a rich source of fibre. Fibre promotes a healthy digestive system which can the reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, (I.B.S.) and other digestive problems.

Marvellous mood boosting

Cacao contains phenethylamine (PEA), which triggers the release of endorphins and mood elevating neurochemicals in the brain. A wonderful stress reliever, due to its high levels of magnesium and valeric acid. Mama Cacao contains anandamide, the bliss chemical, which produces a feeling of euphoria. Which leads me to serotonin, a key hormone that stabilises our mood, happiness and feelings of wellbeing. Serotonin impacts the whole body, enabling brain cells to communicate with each other. It also helps with sleeping, eating and our digestive system. Another compound found in cacao is tryptophan, a potent natural anti-depressant. All of which definitely put this incredible plant medicine into the superhero of foods.

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony

The spirit of Mama Cacao is ancient, full of wisdom and wonder. She brings matriarchal medicine for the soul, as we connect to ourselves and the Universe on a deeper level. Mama Cacao is a powerful feminine force, imbuing high vibrational energies of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.  She is a teacher of plant medicine, keeper of sacred ancient wisdom, she opens the old pathways, as we open our hearts and remember. We connect to our emotional bodies, creating spaciousness and heightened awareness. She is a master facilitator, deeply skilled in ritual and healing. When we connect with our higher heart, we remember a deeper intelligence, which carries the highest vibrations of love, bliss and peace. When we quieten the mind and drop into our heart space, that is where the magic happens and the shifts can be hugely significant.

Shamanic Cacao ceremony is an exquisite ancient ritual. From the moment you enter, it is as though you have walked into a temple. You are lovingly held in sacred space, where we honour ourselves, each other and the entire web of life.

Co-creating a supportive, safe, healing, nonjudgmental environment, where we give gratitude to life itself and can simply be. Shamanic ceremony is the way of the heart, an expression of humanity's connection to the land, our ancestors and the unseen worlds.





What to expect in ceremony

The key to a Cacao ceremony is to lose all attachment to outcome and expectation. No two ceremonies are ever the same, each one is a beautiful explorative journey. The unique alchemy of Shamanic ceremony and Mama Cacao is - you will always be met where you are. Cacao ceremony works through feeling, a loving intelligence that shows up intuitively for everyone. Sometimes you may feel the urge to fully embrace an embodiment practice, sometimes you will be led on an incredible journey of magical landscapes, sometimes you will feel the instinct to completely let go and surrender.  Sometimes you will hear Mama Cacao talking to you like a wise elder, a loving grandmother. Each time and every time you work with this ancient plant medicine; you will build a deeper connection with the self and Mama Cacao. She is a Wise blood, always a teacher, opening the doorways so that we may live a more beautiful, balanced, heart centered life. 

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My Cacao Journey

I don’t remember the first time I introduced cacao into my life, it was years ago. I started instinctively adding Mama Cacao to my smoothies, aware of the incredible health benefits. As is often the case when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Mama Cacao whispered to me, when I was ready to take my relationship to a deeper level and work with her as a facilitator. I popped my Cacao cherry virtually, via Zoom. I was utterly blown away by the experience, it was exquisite. I just remember dancing wildly, alone by candlelight. I had taught dance fitness for ten years, during lockdown my classes were shut down. That night something deep in my soul and my hips, remembered that I absolutely love to dance, I felt free and so alive. I knew then I had been divinely guided to work with Mama Cacao. Seamlessly she blends my Shamanic practice, my love of ceremony, holding sacred space for women, my passion for dancing and of course the incredible nutritional and health benefits. Cacao Ceremony had me written all over it!


 Cacao has had a profound, wonderful effect on my life and continues to do so. I was addicted to coffee, and was partial to a sniff of gin at the weekend. Both of these things were not something I thought I would ever give up, nor want to. Cacao is such a potent plant medicine and helps us connect deeply with inner wisdom, our enlightened self. I found that coffee and alcohol just naturally fell away from my life.  I have cacao daily, in my smoothie and as a hot drink. Mama cacao is my ultimate act of self-love, she weaves her magic into all of my spiritual and creative practice. I have such gratitude for the lessons she continues to bring to my life.

Start your Journey

There are so many ways to invite the spirit of cacao into your life and daily routine. The easiest being, to simply add a couple of teaspoons of raw cacao powder into a morning nutrient rich smoothie. You can make a delicious drink; cacao is a wonderful way to assist anyone wanting to kick their coffee addiction.

Click Below to Download Your Free Cacao Recipe

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Ceremonial Cacao

During Cacao ceremony 42 gms is the magic number that is widely recommended. Personally, I play around with the dosage, having tried many varieties. Some are stronger than others. Usually, I find around 36 gms delivers the perfect dose.  When it comes to my Cacao ceremonies, I work with Mama Cacao instinctively. I meditate before each ceremony and ask for guidance for our circle and what will be most beneficial and appropriate for everyone involved.

Find your personalised Cacao Experience by clicking below.

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Susan Krachan

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From the moment you enter Rhonda’s studio you feel her warmth of welcome and beautiful energy.  Rhonda’s guidance offers a safe and sacred space, leading to such a beautiful and powerful shamanic journey.  Sharing the circle with a group of beautiful women is so incredibly powerful and energising. I left feeling calm, clear, elated and felt these positive effects of the cacao for many days following. Sharing space and circle with Rhonda and other women was such an honour and privilege…giving yourself openly to this experience is one of the best gifts which you can give yourself.   Thank you Rhonda for sharing your gift.

Client Love

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Trina Johnston

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rhonda a number times now. Once for a Shamanic journey, and three beautiful cacao ceremonies. Each time the experience has been uplifting, energising and tremendously healing. What I have loved most, is gifting myself that all important ‘me time’ to simply focus on myself. Rhonda’s work is always so enlightening. She explains in detail what the work involves and encourages questions and reflection. I’ve also felt so grateful to have met like minded and inspiring women at ceremony. Rhonda always holds such a safe and welcoming space for us all. I look forward to continuing my special journey into Shamanic work with Rhonda, I could not recommend it enough to anyone with an open mind and heart.

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