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My Journey

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Traveling the world

I went off seeking adventure, travelling to wonderfully diverse places, always making time to sample the local cuisine and expand my cooking repertoire. Fate took me to Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, I completely fell in love with Mediterranean life, opening a hairdressing salon called Dolce Vita, settling there for ten years.  I loved the people, the culture, and the food. The  ancient history of this beautiful island deeply resonated with me, I had such an inexplicable  sense of remembrance.  It was whilst living in Cyprus in 2000 that I had a spiritual awakening and stepped fully onto my path, becoming a Reiki Master and began my daily meditation practice.

Scotland calling

 The call of my beloved Clan and Scotland brought me back in 2004. It was at this time I experienced a significant life event. I was under a huge amount of stress, my body started shutting down and my periods completely stopped. After a particularly unpleasant Doctors visit, I was tested and told I was menopausal, handed a bag of H.R.T and shown the door!  I was thirty-six and in complete shock.

I inherently knew that medication was not the route I wanted to take. Instead, I decided on a completely Holistic approach. Tapping into my body's biorhythms and wisdom, choosing foods, natural remedies, spiritual practice and exercise.  I delved fully into this beautiful rite of passage and completely trusted my body.

A born Trailblazer

 I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I was a youngster, I just knew it would involve travel. I was a trailblazer, a misfit, passionate and fiercely nonconformist.  I had a restless spirit and fire in my belly.  I wanted to make a difference to this world, to bring about change...

I just didn’t know how.  


 Growing up in a small Scottish seaside town, I spent my entire childhood outdoors. Happiest with my beloved dogs at the beach, on my bike, dangling out of a tree, usually up to mischief. I was a wildling, a free thinker, lover of nature and animals, I still am! At the tender age of seventeen, three significant things happened that would shaped my life, looking back I now see the divine plan.

Working with women

 The first was a serendipitous meeting on an Iberian beach. I was fascinated with his guy. He spent his days in the sun doing hair. I cajoled my little sister into letting him braid her hair. We got chatting and he said to me “all you need is a pair of scissors and you can work anywhere in the world”. I had an epiphany and in that moment decided to become a hairdresser. This was my catalyst for working with women.

Trusting your gut

The second event was a debilitating bowel illness, the doctors were baffled, I remember Crones Disease being mentioned. I was nutritionally aware; being strict vegan and lactose intolerant. I enquired if my illness could be food related... a question that was completely ignored. After countless medications and the most invasive testing, the suggestion of an ‘exploratory operation’ was the last straw. I refused, deciding instead to keep a food diary. Literally trusting my gut, I discovered my illness was food related. This was the beginning of a life long commitment and understanding of food as medicine, rather than merely fuel.

Gaining empowerment

It was also at seventeen that I started weight training. I used to train with my uncle and was the only female in the gym. Weight training was a game changer for me. I absolutely adored  the empowerment aspect of it, how resistance training made me feel both physically and mentally. That was thirty seven years ago and it remains my one of my passions.


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And this is how I help women today...

I am here to help you reconnect to your beautiful body's intrinsic wisdom......empowering you to live your juiciest life, to embody the absolute goddess you are.

Mind Body Spirit 

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Holistic Fitness

We are multidimensional beings, therefore as a Holistic Health Coach, my approach is multidimensional. I consider all facets of health and wellbeing; physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional and lifestyle of equal importance.  I believe it is paramount to strike a perfect balance of these aspects, to achieve optimum health, happiness and wellbeing. 

Embracing spirituality

My spirituality is not separate from me, nor I it. My connection, to the light within and all beings are me, we are one. My spiritual practice is a continuum, ever evolving, ever expanding. There is no separation, no duality. It informs everything I do, even the most mundane tasks, like brushing my teeth or changing the bed linen. Everything is a ritual, every moment is sacred, there is beauty in everything.

When we start to live our life in this way, we truly unleash our potential and begin to step into our mastery. We have so much support when we open our hearts and fully surrender to our limitless divinity and grace. This is where the true magick happens and we realise the exquisite gift of life.

 The seeds of my spiritual path were sewn in early childhood. I was an unusual child, I had "imaginary friends" that I openly communicated with. I now realise these were my spirit guides. I also was inexplicably drawn to Pictish crosses, burial sites and standing stones. It was also in childhood that the sequence of the numbers "3,6,9" first manifested and have been a continuing theme since.

Throughout my teens and early twenties I had an interest in numerology, sacred geometry, Wicca, Druidism and practiced Tarot.  This was also when I experienced my first spontaneous astral projection. It was the most profound and utterly beautiful occurrence, which continued into adulthood.

During my  thirties I experienced deep trauma, which led to anxiety and depression. This was the lowest point of my life, I intuitively knew that I had to drastically change my lifestyle to survive.

Desperately seeking a new way of being,  I listened deep within and asked for help, for guidance. I made a conscious decision to step onto my spiritual path. Starting with a daily meditation practice, I explored many avenues of spirituality. It was during this time I became a Reiki Master. Fully embracing my spirituality was a pivotal moment in my life, not only did I survive, I began to thrive.

The very word Shaman, has always captivated me, I had no idea why, but I have been drawn to the path of Shamanism for over thirty years. I didn’t decide to become a Shamanic Practitioner. Shamanism chose me, it was a calling. Qualifying with 'The Isis School of Holistic Health' as a Shamanic Practitioner is one of the most significant and life affirming things I have ever done.  I also gained my Qualification with the School as a Past Life Regression Therapist and am an Initiate of " The Path of The Living Light", which is an ongoing teaching and daily practice. I continue my expansion and spiritual practice with The Isis School of Holistic health, both online and in person.


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