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Holistic Fitness

"If you only knew the magnificence

 of the numbers

3, 6 and 9, then you would have

the keys to the Universe."

Nikola Tesla


This program is for real women, inspired by real women,

created by me….

all woman!

Time to unleash your inner kettlebell goddess!!

What is 369Life and why it will work for YOU

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 18 minute program

Recommended 4/5 times per week

Suitable for all body shapes, fitness levels, experience

Beginner's, intermediate, advanced levels

4 mins warm up/4 mins cool down

12-minute workout.....YES just 12 sweet ( sweaty) minutes!

My inspiration for 369Life was in response to listening, REALLY listening to my sister tribe...

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I don’t have time to exercise

Since I hit menopause I have put on so much weight

 I just don’t have the energy to exercise


These are the most common battle cries of so many women dealing with menopause.

 I know from my own experience of peri menopause at thirty four, to full blown menopause at thirty six, my body did change. I was teaching up to ten spin classes  a week, weight training, eating a nutritious vegan diet however, I just couldn’t shift the belly fat. I  exercised more, cut out certain foods, nothing worked. I started researching, which led me down a rabbit hole, that lasted years and has become a passion, nae obsession.


Here is a very condensed version of my research:




Warrior Queen

369Life is a simple formula that works. Implementing kettlebells and various types of exercise routines. There is a workout that will suit you, your needs, your body type and your requirements. These workouts will meet you, where you are. When you start to see and feel the results, (and you will, quickly), you will want to keep going.

18 minutes is completely achievable, for everyone.

When we exercise excessively, we create stress in our bodies, the very thing we want to avoid, especially during menopause. When we are stressed, our bodies maintain high levels of cortisol, over prolonged periods cortisol can create serious problems. Cortisol can be our best friend or wreak havoc during menopause and beyond.

Symptoms of high cortisol levels include:


Low mood

Aches and pains

Weight gain (especially around the middle)


Digestive problems

Low libido

Cravings for unhealthy foods

Insomnia and low energy level.


This was me; I pushed my body to its limit. I ignored the warning signs until the Universe intervened and I was incredibly ill for six months with glandular fever. This was my wake-up call.

I stopped spin altogether (which I loved) and focused on kettlebell training, weights and dancing. It was incredible, my body completely changed shape I felt so much better. I lost body fat around my abdominal area, became stronger and fitter than ever, but most importantly I felt incredible, my energy levels sky rocketed and I got ME back, my vitality, passion and love for life!

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Here Are Some of the Methods I Incorporate

Tabata: which is one of the most effective ways to train the body, get super fit and shred fat, what's not to love!

Compound exercises: recruiting multiple muscle groups in one go.... the most bang for your buck!

 Functional fitness: training our muscles to functionally work together, to perform everyday tasks, such as pushing and pulling.


I like to mix things up and get creative with my workouts, it has to be fun. If you don't enjoy your workouts and perform the same dirge day in day out, you will become bored, unmotivated and will give up.

You don’t need a gym membership, or lots of space. If you can swing a cat, you can swing a kettle cats were harmed in the making of any of my videos!


 Kettlebell training is so entirely empowering, you feel invincible, you feel sexy, you get your juicy mojo on and you unleash your inner kettlebell Queen. Once you learn, basic foundations, core moves and techniques, we focus on perfect form and incorporating the breath. Kettlebells then turns into a moving meditation, a flowing sequence. You are completely in the moment, your time, your workout, that you absolutely deserve.


You can absolutely do this sister, I completely believe in you, now believe in yourself!

5 Incentives to Motivate You
and why strength training is so important during menopause




•  Muscle and Metabolism: the age of thirty on average, we can lose up to 1% of muscle per year. This is known as sarcopnia (muscle wasting). Muscle burns fat,  by losing muscle yearly, we are losing our ability to burn fat as effectively, which leads to fat based weight gain. Functional strength training recruits major muscle groups, we can alleviate this, increasing lean muscle mass, ramps up your metabolic rate, which will torch fat.

•  Balancing Act: exercise balances our hormones, lowers cortisol levels, which in turn stabilises blood sugars.

•  Hot Flushes: A recent study by Dr Rosanne Woods, indicated that women that have higher lean body mass, (more muscle than fat) will have reduced symptoms, by as much as 70%.

•  Happy Place: there is a direct correlation between strength training and our mental health. Strength training can reduce stress and anxiety. During menopause our reduced production of estrogen and progesterone, can leave us less able to cope with stress. Strength training releases endorphins that can improve our well being.

•  Dem Bones: Studies show that strength training can help protect our bones and prevent osteoporosis. In one study, post menopausal woman who strength trained for a year, saw a significant increase in their bone density, within the hips, spine. Areas often most affected by osteoporosis.


Happy Goddess Comments...

image Fi testimonial.jpg

Fi Sutherland 

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I have been working with kettle bells since Oct 2021 and I am totally amazed and grateful for the way my body has transformed through Rhonda’s incredible 18 min kettle bell routines. As I got older I realised that my body was losing muscle but I didn’t know what to do about it. Going back to the gym didn’t appeal. Then I met Rhonda. After an introductory session, with Rhonda explaining all the good reasons behind kettle bell exercises, I was convinced enough to give it a go. And honestly I haven’t stopped. I never knew I could develop core muscles so easily! Each week I get a total body workout from four 18min kettle bell routines in the comfort of my own home. And Rhonda keeps changing the routines, which ensures all my muscle groups get a work out – genius! And importantly my body has responded so fast. I am fitter, healthier, stronger, and have more energy that I did pre kettle bells! It’s a marvel. Rhonda is a marvel. Thank you so much coach!

irene morgan image.png

Irena Morgan

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I started working with Rhonda as a ‘kettlebell virgin’ in 2020 after she gave me an extremely persuasive sales pitch about the benefits of resistance training for women in midlife. I’d tried, but never found weight training particularly inspiring before. But after feeling effects within a few days of her week-long online ‘booty camp’ I was hooked. For me, the classes combine fun, technique, challenge, motivation and sass baby! I can honestly say these classes rocked my lockdown, and I felt and looked better physically than I had since my 20’s. But the benefits for me were way more than physical. I found that feeling strong and goddess-like in my body helped me feel stronger, more positive and more confident mentally. I had never really understood the whole “working out” thing until I started training regularly with kettlebells, but it became something I wanted to make time for. For the first time, I felt I had the kind of positive, confident relationship with my body I had always hoped for. For years I tried to achieve this by “pounding the cardio”, which as a runner I still enjoy, but kettlebells took things to a whole new level and the two complement each other beautifully. Plus, with Rhonda, it feels like working out with your best pal - she’s ‘real’, a lot of fun, always with a twinkle in her eye, but super-effective and she puts a lot of thought, care and sister-love into her workouts. The joy of working out outdoors with weights was a complete revelation. I have really missed these classes on so many levels and can’t wait to join up again. 

carean selway image.jpg

Carean Selway
Broughty Ferry


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I have been training with Rhonda for over 11 years, I have trained before, during and after pregnancy the difference in my body over those years has been incredible! I am naturally of slim build but the muscle definition is noticeably different. Her Infectious enthusiasm keeps you motivated and her ever changing programmes keep you and your body working at it’s the optimum. Her knowledge of how the body works is impeccable, training every part of your body in perfect balance. Rhonda will push you to your limits but her banter during class means you don’t often realise how hard you are working. The workouts are both physically and mentally uplifting and you always leave class feeling amazing!

Make This Year The Year Of Change

So, what are you waiting for?

Make this the year for you. The year of change, of empowerment, the year of reclaiming what you have been indoctrinated to believe is lost. Menopause is an incredible time in a woman's life, this is a liberating rite of passage. Reclaim this right and be the absolute best version of yourself, that you can be.... don't do this for anyone else beautiful woman, do this for you, the time is NOW!

If you have any questions and just want to chat please do contact me and I'll give you a call.

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