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Past Life Regression Therapy

Holistic Spirituality

"Karma and reincarnation both reflect to us that

we have not forgotten who we are.

Love and forgiveness both reflect that we are remembering."

Michael Miradad

Connect to the inner wisdom of your soul

Past life regression therapy (PLR) is gentle form of hypnosis, where the individual travels back to a previous incarnation, enabling them to access information, experiences and memories that are held within their subconscious mind. It works below the level of everyday awareness and consciousness, in a way that is structured and safe.

A PLR is a beautiful, peaceful way to hush the noise and drama of everyday life and connect deeply to the intrinsic wisdom of your soul, your higher self.

Many people have experienced deja vu, meaning “already seen”. That inexplicable sense or feeling that you have experienced something before, even though it is happening for the first time. It could be a country you have never visited, a house you have never been in, or indeed meeting someone for the first time.  We have been indoctrinated to cast aside these experiences, often dismissing them and ignoring our gut, our intuition. 


A PLR session, is a holistic therapy that works with the client as a whole; the body, mind, spirit, emotional body and energy fields. It is possible to unearth deep rooted issues from a previous life, or lives that one has carried into this incarnation. Or indeed, replaying the same reoccurring problem in many incarnations. It is an active form of hypnosis, whereby the client is aware of the situation and fully participates in the process. Clients may not only experience full sensory awareness, they often feel the emotions and are immersed in the life events that their wise self has accessed. Enabling the client to access possible conflicts, unresolved issues, and scenes from a past life. These are often the root cause of unwanted behavioural patters, thoughts, feelings, emotions and in some cases this may manifest in inexplicable physical pain.

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Each PLR session is entirely unique to you and your requirements, you will be treated with deep respect, honour and integrity. All treatments are strictly confidential.

Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Duration:     120 mins


Investment:  £90



Block bookings:


3x 120 min sessions  £255


6x 120 min sessions  £510



Book a free 30 min discovery call today.

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Lynne Sutherland

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If you are curious about a part of your life that you have been felt stuck in or just not quite able to make sense of how to move through something,  then I would highly recommend this powerful healing modality.  Rhonda beautifully takes you into a deep relaxation and then gently and intuitively guides you through the chapters of whatever past life your subconscious would like you to see.  The whole experience was very therapeutic and brings whatever you need in that moment into your conscious awareness.  It’s like finding a missing piece of a puzzle.  Truly an amazing experience.

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Jill Kerr

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I’d been interested in past life regression for as long as I can remember, so I was extremely excited (and a little bit nervous) to visit Rhonda for a session. Rhonda was highly professional and was great at calming my nerves explaining what the process would entail. The experience itself was very powerful, I was worried my imagination would kick in and I would start reliving scenes from outlander or braveheart, but there was none of that and the realness and feelings of my experience took me by surprise. My intention was in relation to an annoying character trait I have, I was blown away by how the scene reflected that annoying trait, and it has definitely helped me adopt a more c’est la vie attitude to things I would have worried about before. I would highly recommend a session with Rhonda and I intend to return soon.

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Nicola Maclachan

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I had the most amazing past life regression in January with Rhonda.  I had attended a Cacao ceremony with Rhonda in December and became intrigued in this aspect of shamanic work. 

That day Rhonda put me at complete ease and made me feel most welcome (as always ;-)).  She explained so much about the process, about past life regression, reincarnation and soul guides that put away any unease I had about doing this.  This is truly one of the most special and incredible experiences, and I would recommend anyone to do this.  It truly feels like you are telling someone else's story, but which is also your own, it is very bizarre but also natural at the same time.  Throughout the whole experience I felt at complete ease, and was fully aware of everything going on, but at the same time I was completely immersed in the practise.  Afterwards I felt a weight had been lifted from me, and also felt very relaxed.  This is most definitely not something to fear or be unsure of, it is truly magical. xx

Client Love

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