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It's time to ignite your inner feminine flame...





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Empowering women to reclaim their beautiful body's intrinsic wisdom


I'm Rhonda,  a transformational creatrix, a cosmic catalyst.

A lover of the Divine Sisterhood, sharing ancient wisdom whilst dancing wildly to the beat of my own drum, on this magickal journey called life.

I am here to empower you to live your juiciest life, authentically and unapologetically, to shamelessly shine and unleash the goddess you were born to be.

Holistic Practices

Shamelessly Shine Sister 

Nutritional Alchemy

Get the Glow

Harness the healing power of delicious, nutritious food and your bodies innate wisdom to fuel, nurture and support your sacred vessel.  

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Holistic Fitness


Supercharge your day 

live the 369life.

In just 18 mins, this workout

HIITS every muscle group,

torches fat and will dynamize your day.

Get swinging sister!

Cacao Ceramonialist

Cacao Ceramonialist

Shamanic Cacao ceremony is an ancient practice, an exquisite container where deep heeling can take place.

You are lovingly held in sacred space, where we

honour ourselves, each other and the entire web of life.

Co creating a supportive, safe, non-judgmental

environment, where we give gratitude

to life itself and can simply be.


Past Life Regression


A PLR session, is a holistic therapy that works with the client as a whole, the body, mind, spirit, emotional body and their energy fields. It is possible to unearth deep rooted issues from a previous life, or lives that one has carried into this incarnation. Or indeed replaying the same reoccurring problem in many incarnations. 

Shamanic Practitioner


Shamanism is a spiritual practice that transcends all faiths and religions. The path of direct revelation reaching back to the dawn of time. A practice rooted in love, compassion community, honouring life in all it's beautiful varied forms. Shamanic ceremony is the way of the heart, an expression of humanity's connection to the land, our ancestors and the unseen realms.

Live Limitlessly Luminous


Fotoula Adrimi

The Isis School of Holistic Health

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Words of Love...

I first worked with Rhonda in the Shamanic Practitioner Training, taught by the ISIS School of Holistic Health. I was immediately impressed with Rhonda's deep connection to her spiritual self. It was obvious that she was born to be a shamanic and healing practitioner. She is one of the most competent practitioners I have taught, and her work is enhanced with wisdom from her rich life experiences and her inherent compassion and kindness for people, the land, and animals. Rhonda holds a beautiful sacred space where deep healing can take place.

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